Information Register

About Information Register

Information Register provides technology advice for small and medium businesses. Information Register provides impartial advice based on nearly 40-years of experience in a variety of technology sectors from R&D, Manufacturing and Services. Product and Service development from concept to commercialization.

Information Register provides business development and project management services on security and technology. Information Register can assist in the areas of Cybersecurity, Information Technology, Technology and Process Transfers, Intellectual Property and Technology Partner Identification.

Mission Statement

Information Register provides impartial advice on security and technology managment matters. Information Register will grow its business to be a premier independent provider of technology and project management services.

Contact details

Address: 9 Kempton Avenue, Ashtown, Dublin 7, Ireland
Telephone: +353 (0)87 2662999

"Information Register" is registered in Ireland 289446. (Irish Companies Registration Office)