Information Register



Information Register has extensive experience in securing and managing informantion. Information Register can assist with:

  • Data discovery and data inventory management
  • Data sensitivity analysis and security classifications definitions
  • Data security levels and criteria apprpriate to the data's security classification
  • Security meta-data management and (if appropriate, monitored) access controls
  • Organization training and promotion of security approaches and personal responsibilities
  • Cybersecurity design options to implementation, operation and compliance
  • Personal data management (e.g.; GDPR, PCI-DSS)
  • Security achitecture approaches
  • Change management and implementation strategies
  • Security operations, compliance and audit facilitation and management
  • Incident managment and cyber investigation approaches using cyber-intelligence and cyber forensics

Information Register uses a variety of modelling tools and techniques than can be adjusted or modified to your existing standards and preferences.

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