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Information Register provides business development and project management services on security and technology. Information Register can assist in the areas of Cybersecurity, Information Technology, Technology and Process Transfers, Intellectual Property, and Software Development. Information Register has extensive database, Microsoft .NET, Office and Azure evironment development skills.

Information Register has extensive experience in designing and implementing data platforms for analytics, innovation, and performance improvements. Software solutions, applications and services based on Microsoft's Technology stacks developed using C#, Entityframework, LINQ, SQL, and API's like Microsoft.Graph and so forth, are regularly developed and implemented on Azure.

Mission Statement

Information Register Ltd. will will continue to deliver a high quality information and communications technology and software development services.

Contact details



39 The Avenue,
Royal Oaks,
Enfield A83HD88,
Co. Meath, Ireland


+353 (0)85 1542162
+353 (0)87 2662999

Information Register Limited" is registered in Ireland 751641. (Irish Companies Registration Office)

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