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Data Management

Information Register provides business analysis and data modelling services for clients. Solutions can be cloud based or hosted locally. Typical deliverables include data models for data stored and data flow diagrams to illustrate data movements within the business. Understanding the structure and nature of data held within an organization is a basic first step towards data analytics to understand the past, evalaute the current, and predict future operations.

Putting data and information in the right format and at the right time in the hands of workers enables and empowers agile decision making and yields better decision outcomes. Information Register will analyse business processes, identify bottlenecks and identify solutions that will empower workers to excell.

Further, these analytical artefacts are helpful inputs to cycbersecurity reviews.

  • Business Analysis
  • Data structure analysis
  • Data flow analysis
  • Identify who and why someone should use data items, and where, when, how and in what formats should that data be used
  • Cybersecurity

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